About us

Building and Establishing Brands with Vision and Goals

DigiMasterz, powered by MoneyMasterz (leading Wealth Management and Financial Services Company), is one of India’s top and renowned names as the Best Design, Development, and Digital Marketing Company. DigiMasterz is a Noida-based Digital Marketing Company that has been putting up its best efforts to reach out to enterprises globally. We are focused on designing, developing, and delivering Customized Product-based Solutions to meet your day-to-day business needs. We have been working with the distinctive AIM to make your brand stand out in the crowd and competition. We create and design the brand’s personality that helps spread the right message to its audience and reaches them effectively and efficiently.

Meet Our Leaders

  • Sandeep Tomar (Founder and CEO): Sandeep, one of the country’s most acknowledged and renowned Wealth Experts, is a Law Graduate and a Finance Professional. He has a strong experience of nineteen years in the financial field, is one of the most successful Insurance Advisors, and is constantly a part of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). He is now a full-fledged entrepreneur and manages MoneyMasterz, the parent company of DigiMasterz.
  • Vishal Chanana (Co-Founder): Vishal is an innovative Technology Professional and is also serving as CTO with MoneyMasterz. He possesses the expertise in integrating enterprise-level IT goals and capabilities and potential with broader business goals and objectives to earn and gain the trust of the stakeholders. Vishal also loves to help entrepreneurs and business owners by understanding their respective journeys and passions and expressing to them the path to staying leading and competitive in their respective industries.

Our Core Values

At DigiMasterz, our values are at the core of our heart and work, and we firmly believe in Transparency and Honesty.  

  • Integrity: Always do and follow the right and ethical things.
  • Gratitude: Always share appreciation and the positive energy and enjoy what we do.
  • Be Humble: Always be humble, extend grace, and work as a team.
  • Be Creative: Be creative and follow the details.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to help our clients and offer them 100% commitment to achieving the business process digitization for the best ROI and creating excellent brand experiences as far as the digital space is concerned. Our Mission is to be recognized and acknowledged as one of the trusted and respected web design, development, and digital marketing companies, globally.



" We have worked with DigiMasterz on website design, development, and optimization project and found that they are creative, practical, and understand the deadlines. Their suggestions and input have helped us reach the goal, vision, and philosophy we follow."

Priyanka Jain

Digital Manager 


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