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Are you looking for an excellent and incredible marketing tool to build business relationships focused on micro-conversions, generating leads, and driving direct sales? Definitely a Great Yes! There are different landing page types, and which is suitable per the business is always a matter of concern and a query in your mind. So, need not worry! We are here to solve all your questions and concerns.

DIGIMASTERZ, theĀ Genuine Landing Page Design Company in India, is here to help you have transformative and goal-oriented landing pages. A Landing Page, or “Lead Capture Page,” is a standalone or single page that serves a focused and single purpose. It is to be noted that it is unique from your website’s home page, and all landing pages are usually web pages, but all the web pages are not landing pages. At DIGIMASTERZ, we design and curate the following kinds of landing pages:

  • Lead Generation Page
  • Viral Landing Page
  • Squeeze Landing Page
  • Click-through Page
  • Sales Landing Page
  • Splash Landing Page
  • Pitch Landing Page
  • Infomercial Page

Top Reasons Why You Require a Landing Page?

There are various reasons that you need a landing page.

  • Focused on Product or Service: To avoid losing interested and potential users, it is essential that you need a targeted page in the form of a landing page. The landing page is usually created and designed for the specific service or product to give visitors focused information.
  • Helps In Announcing Events: Despite having a completely functional website, a landing page helps in making a suitable announcement for events such as conferences, product launch events, seminars, etc.
  • Collect User’s Information: The landing page helps in keeping the leads warm and collects the users’ contact information. It can be done by placing the contact form on your landing page.
  • Tests Selling Proposition: Your product or service’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) should be shown on the landing page. And the landing pages help check and test whether this USP is excellent, convincing, and outstanding.
  • Segmentation of Target Audience: Landing page helps in target audience segmentation as you would like to connect your landing page instantly with your target and focused audience.

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